Summer's all about fun. People want to get out, meet up, and do things. They're in the right mood. All you need is the right attraction.

  • Something exciting and novel
  • Something thrilling that gets the adrenaline going
  • Something... really easy to maintain, ideally!

Upgrade your business with VR escape rooms and transport your customers to fantastic worlds they'll be eager to return to time and time again.

Don't head into the season with the same old same old. Get set up with the cutting edge in VR entertainment and get your business really standing above the competition. 

Sound tempting?

Get in contact below and we'll set you up with a VR arena in weeks!


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OUR LATEST VR Product: Pirates Plague

The sixth and newest escape game from vrCAVE is a swashbuckling fast-paced pirate-themed VR escape room!

Players pick their own pirate skill and embark on a perilous voyage to a forgotten island temple to break their curse before time runs out!

  • Take down an enemy ship by loading, aiming, and firing cannons!
  • Fight back against the fish folk with swords and bombs!
  • Traverse the multi-room temple and solve fiendish puzzles to crack the curse!

Pirates Plague combines the best of cooperative VR action with mind-bending puzzles — all in a single empty room!

And it doesn't stop here! We bring you one brand new game per year so you've always got something fresh for your virtual reality system to feed your regulars!

Immerse your customers in the extraordinary world of VR

No cables. No stationary booths. Just a headset, controllers, and full freedom to explore incredible virtual worlds in your venue.

Respond to Demand
Offer clients the thrill and excitement they seek without any risk
Beat the Competition
Position your business to outperform your competitors
Get More Business
Attract repeat visitors with multiple games in one single room



Small space. minimal maintenance.

We've simplified the setup of VR escape rooms to be quick and easy

  • Save money, time, and space by hosting your games in one physical room — and forget about the escape room supplies and repairs
  • Decide between high-end headsets powered by backpack PCs — or the lightweight wireless Oculus Quest
  • Get marketing assistance from our in-house gurus (they rock!)
  • Deliver the sell! Our VR games match — or exceed! — expectations, securing you repeat business

Setup is fast! Get up and running in weeks to take advantage of the coming season!

Offer diverse, complete experiences for customers.

There's something for everyone with VR escape rooms. Customers take a break from their lives to explore an orbital space station, escape a medieval prison and fight dragons, travel through time and get back to the present. It's all possible — and it's all complete.

With collaborative puzzles and thrilling action sequences, our games are designed to fit snugly into your booking system and deliver a full experience every time. Win or fail.

Where else can they get that?

Ready to launch your very own Virtual Reality Escape Room?

More bookings, strong return on investment, and a competitive advantage that can't be matched. That's what you get when you partner with vrCAVE. We're one of the most trusted virtual reality companies for location-based entertainment.

Fill in the form to learn more or request a demo! We're ready to help you understand how you can deploy VR escape rooms in your facility now.

  • Get more repeat business
  • Offer the cutting edge in VR
  • Attract more customers
  • Stand above your competition