Vive Focus 3 Spotlight

HTC's new headset packs a serious punch — and exciting opportunities for business owners

Launched last summer, the Vive Focus 3 comes packed with new features that align with the needs of location-based VR businesses. In this webinar, vrCAVE will share development insights and feature overviews to help you streamline and grow your business.

  • What does the VIVE Focus 3 mean for VR business owners?
  • How might the VIVE Focus 3 fit into an existing VR business, why upgrade?
  • How does the VIVE Focus 3's Location-Based VR mode work, and is it worth it?
  • What will support for the VIVE Focus 3 look like, and how might it affect other products?

vrCAVE is releasing our VR escape room lineup on VIVE Focus 3 the day after this webinar! This is your chance to get the inside scoop on everything we've learned about the platform.

ORIGINAL DATE: November 24, 2022

ORIGINAL TIME: 1:00pm EST | 11:00am MT

Webinar recording now available!


We've been in the commercial VR industry for as long as its existed, developing a line of multiplayer, free-roam VR escape rooms. Intuitive for any customer to pick up and play, these VR experiences start with the escape room concept and take it, well, anywhere.



Alex Rossol | CEO

Alex is CEO at vrCAVE. He's built the company into a world-class entertainment partner, assisting 100+ businesses across the globe.
He helps owners thinking about operating VR arenas make the right decisions for their businesses every day. He's an expert in the hardware, software, and establishing a strong market fit for modern room-scale wireless virtual reality.


vrCAVE has developed a robust collection of 7 VR escape rooms, 1 VR action puzzle game, and 1 VR haunted house. We add to our library every year — meaning vrCAVE partners always have something new to share with their customers!

  • Escape a medieval prison — and a dragon!
  • Go high above the Earth to repair a space station
  • Plunge into the ocean to retrieve a lost treasure

All games are made with the freedom and excitement of multi-user room-scale VR in mind — entertaining groups in more than 20 different countries!

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