Selling VR To Your Customers

Thinking about running VR attractions — or recently added them to your business? You'll need to know how to promote them!

It's become easier than ever to install world-class VR attractions in location-based entertainment businesses. But that's just the start. While VR's growing fast, there are many people who still haven't tried it at all — and that's a barrier you need to blast through with the right promotion.

  • How do you ensure your VR attraction is a success? How do you need to present it to your customerbase?
  • What are the tips and tricks any VR operator needs to know to optimize their offering for maximum return?
  • What are the basics of paid marketing — both traditional and digital? Where do you need to be and how do you measure success?

We've helped more than 100 locations deploy and promote incredible VR experiences, and we're passing on what we've learned to you!

ORIGINAL DATE: May 26, 2022

ORIGINAL TIME: 6:00pm GMT | 11:00am MT



We've been in the commercial VR industry for as long as it's existed, developing a line of multiplayer, tetherless VR escape rooms. Intuitive enough for any customer to pick up and play, these VR experiences start with the escape room concept and take it, well, anywhere.



Jeremy Paige | vrCAVE

Jeremy Paige comes to vrCAVE after a 24 year career in the media, with stops throughout Western Canada. Jeremy has spent a total of 12 years in marketing, helping major companies like Chrysler, Syncrude, Rogers and McDonalds in developing and implementing successful, large scale marketing campaigns.
In 2022, Jeremy joined vrCAVE as an Account Manager, where he will help our clients with games and software sales, plus provide insight into the marketing of it, for their businesses.

Ryan Bromsgrove | vrCAVE

Ryan has a 12-year background in media and marketing, specializing in digital content, SEO, and online advertising.
He manages the vrCAVE marketing operations and engages with vrCAVE partners on how best to position their businesses in their markets. He helps VR operators connect with their local customers and helps busy business owners understand how to get started with online marketing.


vrCAVE has developed a robust collection of 6 VR escape rooms, 1 VR action puzzle game, and 1 VR haunted house. We add to our library every year — meaning vrCAVE partners always have something new to share with their customers!

  • Escape a medieval prison — and a dragon!
  • Go high above the Earth to repair a space station
  • Plunge into the ocean to retrieve a lost treasure

All games are made with the freedom and excitement of multi-user room-scale VR in mind — entertaining groups in more than 16 different countries!

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