reach the right ROI with virtual reality

The games, the pricing, the promotion, the competition: how to nail the ROI on VR

There's a risk adding any new attraction to your entertainment business. But of course, there's the risk of stagnating and losing customers to bolder, more cutting-edge competition. We'll show you how to both install VR in your location — and be confident it will be profitable.
  • What's going to get the customer through the door?
  • How do you balance affordability and profitability?
  • Where do you promote and who do you need to reach?

Watch this webinar to get the answers to these questions and more.

ORIGINAL DATE: November 18, 2021

ORIGINAL TIME: 5:00pm GMT | 11:00am MT

Webinar recording now available below!

Break the mold without breaking the bank

Virtual reality is the new frontier of entertainment. But you may be thinking, "isn't it expensive?"

The good news is headsets are more affordable than ever. Not only that? You can run some jaw-dropping experiences using commercially available hardware — in a completely empty room.

  • Installation cost | Learn just how easy and low cost it is to set up a room for VR compared to other entertainment options.
  • Price points | Different styles of VR work for different situations. Cost-per-minute? Cost-per-booking? Cost of licensing the experiences? We'll tell you what you need to know.
  • Repeat business | Many physical entertainment services have huge one-time appeal, but limited repeat appeal (think traditional escape rooms). But with VR, one space becomes many!

This webinar is offered by vrCAVE to help educate location-based entertainment businesses about room-scale virtual reality operations. We're happy to offer this for free for escape room owners, family entertainment centers, VR arcades, and other location-based entertainment businesses.


vrCAVE has been a leader in the free-roam virtual reality space since backpack PCs first enabled the unmatched immersive experience of wireless VR. We keep up with hardware advancement and continue to develop our unique line of virtual reality escape room experiences that let people freely explore incredible new worlds not accessible in any other way.



Alex Rossol | Co-Founder

 Alex is CEO and Co-Founder at vrCAVE. He's built the company into a world-class entertainment partner, assisting 60+ businesses across the globe.
He helps owners thinking about operating VR arenas make the right decisions for their businesses every day. He's an expert in the hardware, software, and establishing a strong market fit for modern room-scale wireless virtual reality.


vrCAVE has developed a robust collection of 5 VR escape rooms, 1 VR action puzzle game, and 1 VR haunted house. We add to our library every year — meaning vrCAVE partners always have something new to share with their customers!

  • Escape a medieval prison — and a dragon!
  • Go high above the Earth to repair a space station
  • Plunge into the ocean to retrieve a lost treasure

All games are made with the freedom and excitement of multi-user room-scale VR in mind — entertaining groups in more than 15 different countries!

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Everything You Need to Know About The Demographics of Virtual Reality

This webinar is for anyone in the location-based entertainment business looking to add a compelling new virtual reality product for their guests to enjoy.

You don't need any experience with virtual reality — but we encourage you to bring your questions!

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