Rebooting location-based entertainment With Virtual Reality

As the world recovers, are you ready to succeed? 

It's been a hard year for location-based entertainment businesses. But as we enter the tail end of the pandemic, are you poised to come back strong and take advantage of the coming demand for in-person social events and activities?

Watch our free webinar to learn what free-roam room-scale virtual reality has to offer entertainment businesses in 2021.

ORIGINAL DATE: February 17, 2021

ORIGINAL TIME: Europe Session @ 3pm GMT | North America Session @ 1pm MST

What You'll Learn in the Webinar

We've put together a webinar aimed at educating escape room and family entertainment centre owners and operators in how they can install a virtual reality attraction in their existing venue. All you need is a little empty space. We'll discuss everything you need to know to deploy compelling virtual reality experiences in your businesses.

  • Operating safely | The end is in sight — but it's not here yet. We'll discuss how location-based entertainment can operate a virtual reality arena safely while heightened cleaning measures are still in effect.
  • Repeat business | Many entertainment services can only been enjoyed once. Virtual reality? It's not just one new experience — it's several all in the same space and easy to update. Earn more by reengaging satisfied customers — and reaching out to your existing list.
  • Rise above the competition | How the cutting-edge technological social adventures room-scale free-roam virtual reality offers set you apart from the many in-person entertainment options customers will be looking at.

This webinar is offered by vrCAVE to help educate location-based entertainment businesses about room-scale virtual reality operations in general. We're happy to offer this for free and at times convenient for both Europe and North America.

About vrCAVE

vrCAVE has been a leader in the free-roam virtual reality space since backpack PCs first enabled the unmatched immersive experience of wireless VR. We keep up with hardware advancement and continue to develop our unique line of virtual reality escape room experiences that let people freely explore incredible new worlds not accessible in any other way.

Your Presenter

Kyle Gagnon

Business Development / vrCAVE
Kyle has worked extensively in the virtual reality entertainment industry.
He helps owners thinking about operating VR arenas make the right decisions for their businesses every day.

What We Create

Here's a sneak peak at just two of the virtual reality experiences we've crafted — enjoyed by guests at 50+ locations worldwide.
Virtual reality alchemy lab
A VR alchemy lab players must escape in Dragon Tower.
Take guests high above the Earth in Space Station Tiberia.

Ready to move forward with VR?

This webinar is open to anyone in the location-based entertainment business looking to add a compelling new virtual reality product for their guests to enjoy — no existing experience with VR required.

If you'd like to watch the webinar now, fill in the form to access the page and receive a direct link in your inbox.